Circular Clarifiers, Plow, Hydraulic Differential, and Spiral Flight



The gear drive and all drive components are serviceable from the top of the access bridge.


Materials for all fabricated parts, other than the drive, can be hot dip galvanized steel or Stainless steel.


All components such as the drive cage and collector arms are sized for at least 2.5 times the running torque of the drive.


We offer a full basin scum beach, extending from the inlet well to the scum baffle, to skim the surface completely, with two skimmers, all standard.


Our standard is to have stainless steel weirs, baffles & supports.


All anchorage and fasteners are stainless steel.

Shown here is a photo of an existing WAWCON clarifier basin, showing a half bridge, with an expanded work area around the drive. This is a hot dip galvanized unit with stainless steel weirs and baffles on a concrete effluent trough.

Pictured is the top of the main drive in the center of the expanded work area. With a removable cover plate and a stainless steel chain guard.

This is a photo of a collector arm on a spiral flight type clarifier. With hot dip galvanized flights and stainless steel squeegees.

This is an example of our full surface scum ramp. It extends from the outer scum baffle to within one foot of the inlet well. Standard are two skimmers to fully skim the surface twice per revolution.


The following photos are of a 98' daimeter, Hydraulic Differential type clarifier during construction.