Wastewater Treatment Products

WAWCON, INC. fabricates equipment with the idea that good high quality equipment will last and will not need much repair. We have been asked in the past to lower are standards but have refused, this refusal has resulted in all of our customers being completely satisfied and has also resulted in our warranty work being almost non-existent. We prefer to keep it that way. We promote using structural steel components that are fabricated from at least 1/4" thick, quality steel plates and shapes. We promote using all seal welds always with full penetration welds by certified welders. We can provide equipment that is either painted, hot dip galvanized after fabrication or fabricated out of many grades of stainless steel or aluminum.


WAWCON, INC. will custom design new equipment or treatment facilities to fit the engineer's and clients requirements, for ordinary projects or special circumstances. WAWCON, INC. specializes in custom design and fabrication of equipment for use in the water, wastewater or manufacturing industry. We have often been asked to manufacture new items for a special purpose, many being only one of a kind. In every case like this the client has been completely pleased with the product and the results. We enter each job with the attitude that the best equipment that can be built for the money is what the client will get.


WAWCON, INC. will provide assistance to the engineer by providing typical equipment drawings and specifications for the equipment that is needed for any particular project.


WAWCON, INC.'s equipment specifications are written in such a manner that they  ensure the client quality equipment whether we build it or not.