Mechanical Bar Screen

These photos show our standard, dual chain, front cleaned screen. Since it is manufactured  from all stainless steel products, with the exception of the drive and upper bearing housings, it has a very long life. The wiper is designed so the unit can run in reverse without any damage to the wiper. This can aid in removal of debris to large for the unit. 


These photos also show a small, screw conveyor for debris to a bin. This screw conveyor can also incorporate a compacting discharge system if desired.


Wawcon has made several types of front cleaning, mechanical type bar screens, with openings form ½” and up.  Although we have made cantenary and climbing screens, the main one we manufacture is a standard front cleaning screen with dual, stainless steel chains. Please click on image to enlarge.



The pictures below are of a climber type bar screen with a belt conveyor. Please click on image to enlage.