Airlift Overview


Wawcon has manufactured airlift pumps for wastewater treatment facilities since it was founded. Whether made from hot dip galvanized steel or stainless steel, you can depend on a long, low maintenance, life from a Wawcon airlift.  Many airlifts are fitted with an upper, air release headbox. This headbox can also incorporate a V-notch outlet to show the amount being pumped, a must on many RAS and WAS applications.






All anchorage and fasteners are stainless steel.


The cleanout and all air control are easily accessed from the top, while keeping the basin in service.


Materials for all fabricated parts can be Hot dip galvanized steel or Stainless steel.


We offer either manual or automatic methods of operation, to suite the owners needs.


Our standard is to have stainless steel airlifts, with external air piping. External air piping lowers the chance of the pump clogging.


All airlifts have a top cleanout, in case of clogging.

All airlifts have stainless steel air piping and manual control valves.

All airlift supports are fabricated from the same material as the airlift.

All airlifts are specifically designed for your job.


Pictured is a new stainless steel airlift in an existing basin. This airlift has a standard air release headbox, without a V-notch outlet.


This is a photo of a new stainless steel airlift in a new basin. This airlift has a rectangular air release headbox.


Pictured are several, all stainless steel, airlifts, all with rectangular air release headboxes and discharge baffle plates, prior to installation.